Nolathane (NOLBK) REV012.0116, Black

Nolathane (NOLBK) REV012.0116, Black

Nolathane (NOLBK) REV012.0116, Black

Vehicles Nolathane (NOLBK) REV012.0116, Black

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Designed to Fit a 14mm Sway bar. Nolathane Sway bar Bushings feature 40.4mm high a knurled ID specifically designed to retain grease. Backed up by a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Nolathane bushings are made from the highest quality elastomers and designed to synchronize your suspension system for optimal safety, handling, performance, ride quality, longevity and reduced maintenance. They are the most positive link between your vehicles body, springs, struts, arms, bars and shocks.

Nolathane (NOLBK) REV012.0116, Black,Vehicles,Motorcycle & Powersports

Nolathane (NOLBK) REV012.0116, Black

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