What qualities should a teacher have?

A teacher is an important person in everyone's life. Many people will always remember those who have played a particularly important role in their lives. A teacher is not just someone who has taught a subject, but someone who has stood by you in difficult times, shown you the right path and helped you make the right decision. So what are the qualities that an american educators needs to possess in order to live up to the requirements of his or her profession and the needs of the times?

The standard of the pedagogical image

No matter how much one argues about what an ideal teacher should be or what children want him to be, there is a certain standard that has been firmly established. Ideally, the teacher should strive for it if he or she loves their work and is prepared to devote their life to it. First of all, a teacher is, to a certain extent, an ideal to aspire to. That is, he must have a whole set of positive qualities, which he not only tells the children about, but also demonstrates every day by his behaviour.

Since it should be a role model, the appearance of the teacher plays a big role. It is, of course, neatness in dress, austere style, neatness in everything, including actions and words. The profession of a teacher implies not only a thorough knowledge of his subject, but also a broad outlook, the ability to answer any question to a child, even if it is not related to the direct activity.

A teacher is the person who must be able to extinguish a conflict, resolve a fair dispute and do it masterfully, so as not to offend anyone, not to hurt anyone and not to leave a bad mark on them. And here it is necessary to take into account children's characters, their emotional state, physiological peculiarities of development. That is how we would like to see the teacher - intelligent, erudite, understanding, a real friend for children and a helper for parents.

Important qualities of personality in the profession

Nowhere are personality traits more important than in the teaching profession. And this is absolutely no coincidence. After all, this person does not just give knowledge on his subject, he is actively involved in the formation of moral and spiritual values in children, which can play a big role in the future. There are qualities that distinguish teachers from other professions.

Love for children

This is probably the most basic quality, without which there is nothing to do in an educational institution. Not all people have this ability - to sincerely love children. It is from a good attitude towards children that all other motives that motivate a teacher to action depend. Here and the desire to teach children a lot, to help them develop their personality, to organize their leisure time in a good quality, to attract them to interesting activities. When adults are sincere with their pupils, they feel this and respond in kind, trying to please their teacher, behave well and learn. So much depends on the teacher.

Commitment to excellence

The teacher arouses the interest and desire to imitate children only if he demonstrates his willingness to continuously improve. To a certain extent, the teacher learns new knowledge on the spot with their pupils. They may also be interested in doing something new together. It all depends on the area of knowledge in which the teacher works. This can be joint hikes with the accompanying study of flora and fauna, interesting discoveries.

The teacher not only prepares children for competitions, Olympiads and contests. He himself takes part in such events, thus demonstrating to the children a desire to constantly develop, to strive to achieve a goal. Children are eager to follow the example of such a teacher.


A teacher should be objective about himself. The head teacher shall always strive to make the teaching staff fruitful. It is not only about education and upbringing of children, but also about organisation of different events, participation in professional competitions, seminars. Every teacher contributes to the work of the whole team to the best of his/her abilities and, of course, tries to ensure that his/her class is in good standing in terms of grades, discipline, participation in general affairs.

The main thing here is to assess your own abilities correctly. The teacher should also feel comfortable and have time to perform the duties assigned to him. But he should understand how much effort and time is required for the preparation of a lesson or an event. If a teacher assesses his own abilities adequately, he should cope with the work and do it properly.


The teacher should show humanity in all situations, even if it is difficult. The teacher should see each child as a person and help him or her to realise his or her potential. Every child is different, and every family's circumstances are different. Regardless of this, the teacher should be able to draw the child into the educational process, to engage him or her and help him or her to adapt to the community. And if there are obvious problems with their peers, it is the teacher's job to put a stop to any unpleasant situations, not to allow the situation to reach a critical state.

Although this is sometimes difficult to achieve with today's children, a true professional should be able to "get through" to each child and remain benevolent, patient and wise.

The most important professional qualities

A teacher has a lot to do with a child's destiny. The knowledge, laid down by a teacher, allows you to learn the material well, get good grades, pass successful exams, enter a prestigious university in the future, get a profession and successfully realise themselves in life. A very logical chain can turn into a crooked line if the teacher was not the right one, did not follow his/her vocation and did not possess the much needed professional qualities. They should be considered in more detail.

Psychophysical characteristics are very important, because the temperament, the state of the nervous system plays a huge role in the process of communicating with children. The teacher should be open to communication, the world around him, to see in each child a personality and respect it, but at the same time be a bright personality, able to enthuse and lead.

Equally important in the activity of a person working with children is poise. Difficulties in this work are inevitable, both in communication with the children's team, and with colleagues and director. You have to be flexible in different situations, under no circumstances go to the conflict, keep your composure and own dignity.

Responsiveness, mobility and readiness for acquiring new knowledge are important. A teacher shall be active and energetic and interested in many aspects of life. He should be able to react quickly in various situations and make the right decisions.

Memory and thinking must be of the highest standard because it has a direct bearing on the learning process. Only with these qualities can the material be conveyed to children well and help them to learn.

Speech is a separate matter that deserves attention. The teacher should be able to speak correctly, clearly and concisely. It is a very important part of the requirements for the profession. After all, often with the help of expressive and competent speech, it is possible to convince a person of many things.

Without these qualities, the teaching profession is unthinkable. They include readiness to help in difficult situations, a benevolent attitude, patience and perseverance in all odd situations, high stress resistance regardless of the circumstances and, of course, faith in the best human qualities, a favorable outcome of any endeavor. All this gives strength and confidence to students who are close to such a teacher.

Discipline and responsibility are also two components that should be present in the list of merits of any teacher. He or she should be aware of what he or she is doing, all the more so when it has a direct bearing on children and the learning process.

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